Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oh, Hello Dunedin

"Sometimes I get the urge to run to the ocean and dive into the waves like a mermaid... and so I do."

A couple days ago, I thought to myself, "I should go to Dunedin, I need a break from this beautiful black hole of Queenstown." So I decided I was going to attempt it on Friday last week, mentioned it to a couple friends and then it all magically worked out. I got a ride to Dunedin with a friends husband, stayed at my old roommates place in Dunedin and rode back with my old roommate to Queenstown because as it turned out, she needed a study break and was going to make a day trip. #thankyoulee #thankyouemily

I arrived in Dunedin on late and slowly fell into a slumber, the next day I was off to explore during the day while Emily studied for University. My first stop was the museum, I walked in and walked out because it was closed, next stop was the cadbury chocolate factory, I walked in and walked out without chocolate #healthychoice. I strolled on down to the center of town known as "the octagon" and then caught a bus to St. Claire for some beach time.

I wandered around the boardwalk for a second and then changed into my togs (swimsuit) and headed for the beach. I spent some time playing with my camera and doing some time lapse videos and then went and dove into the water, exactly like a mermaid, but with legs. I love the ocean... it was cold though, like, alot, but you got used to it. I then started walking down the beach and someone mentioned there was a sea lion sleeping on the beach where the dunes ended. So I walked over and hung out there for... a while, possibly two or three hours. I ate my lunch and relaxed and then watched the sea lion waddle back into the ocean. I loved every second of it!

You find when you travel that a lot of times things seem to work out. Don't get me wrong, you run into struggles, stress, and feeling like things are not working out, but you also run into good people, good luck, and great experiences too. The good things outweigh the bad with travel, unless you die, then maybe they don't. #rulenumber1dontdie

Anyways, Dunedin was awesome. I went, I hung out with my old roommate, I swam in the ocean, hung out with a sea lion, ate pizza, and pole danced. Stay tuned for my post about the pole dance studio :)

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