Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Everyday do something that scares you

Life suddenly got crazy. I got a job, I worked my ass off and I played every second I could over the holidays. What can I say... I try to keep myself busy. 

Christmas I worked heaps! When I say heaps, I mean alot, I mean 16 hours of work, I mean, that really sucked. So to celebrate Christmas, the next day I went out with some friends and we drove cars through rivers up to Mace Town and had a picnic. This sounds weird and it's a little weird to me too, but it is heaps of fun! We brought two cars up (thank goodness for that) and managed to drown the car I was in twice. There are ways to stop the car from drowning the engine, they sell car snorkels here specifically for driving your car through rivers.... Who would have thought?? 

 The Views though... 
I like pretty things in nature..

Anyways, it was fun and thrilling driving through these rivers and it was kind of neat getting stuck in a river and opening the door to water... and more water. Not a bad view for this mermaid! 

There is this jump people speak of called little thailand. One day my friend and I were driving by it and we decided we should jump it. Lake Wakatipu has never been so cold after that freezing drop into the glacier water #yikes #worthit #cleansed. 

 The view was pretty nice too, nothing like taking a plunge into water like this, no matter how cold it is.

There was a rumor that a company called The Playground had bubble soccer at a park here in Queenstown for a couple days and it was... so fun. My flatmate Caitlyn and I went to give it a go and it got pretty intense. The game ended with fresh bruises and a scratched nose. Bubble soccer is even more intense than regular soccer if you ask me and you should probably try it out if you haven't!
Practicing headstands in the bubbles is also a good workout, I bet you could hold it all day too!

Everyday I stare across the lake I see the magestic view of ... The Remarkables. They are quite a sight too, nice jagged ridges, like the kind I use to draw in third grade, but they are real and much cooler than my third grade drawings. I had just got done working heaps over the New Year and I was determined to go do a hike. Just so happened that my friend was keen to go as well and he suggested the Remarkables. So we drove on over and I was thinking we would just hike around the area, but not to the tip top. He thought otherwise #extremist which is fine, I like hiking to the tops of mountains, even if it is a little sketchy... and it was sketchy. 

For all you Utah people who have hiked angels landing, picture the last half a mile of that trail, now picture it narrower than that, now picture it without a rod or chains to guide you across that, now picture loose boulders that your climbing on, now picture it going up an extremely steep pitch and rock climbing with no ropes... that was the hike up to the top of the remarkables #sorrymom #Iwassafe #sketchy.
I'm glad I did it, it needed to happen at least once and it did. Also I found out after the hike that my friend's roommate had broken her leg up there about 2 months ago. So worth the view though... the pictures I took will never do it justice either because it was absolutely #beaUTAHful... (see how I did that, I'm clever). Also, did I mention that up on the remarkables there is a ski resort as well called... The remarkables.....

 Also let's note that climbing the remarkables was the perfect way for me to celebrate New Years Day. I had good company and snow! SNOW! SNOW KIDDING! #winterisnothere. I normally spend my new years day with snowboarding, but since it's summer here, It was so nice to be able to find snow and attempt sledding down the remarkables instead. Not a bad way to start out the new year...
Happy 2015.
Also, this next photo is proof I'm not hiking by myself... ever because I am safe because my family told me to be safe... soooo... seee that two people #donthikealone
This hike was seriously a big highlight once we got down to the bottom safely and the car broke down and we were stranded up on the mountain for a while. Being stranded wasn't bad though, it left time to watch the sunset and for this magic to happen....

mmmmm ... So Pretty!

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